About the Bllu Room

Hi, I’m Bllu and you’ve found yourself in the Bllu Room. I hope you like it!
I am a Renaissance kind of lady, they tell me. I’m a writer and maybe I’ll post some writing. I am an educator and have tons of curricula.  I’m a designer and have an interior design degree that I barely use (sigh).

IMG01240-20120328-1252    A little yellow side-table Niall and I redid.

IMG01206-20120320-1324 You should have seen this one when we started it. We’re not good a taking before and after pics. Hopefully this blog will improve things.

I studied film and green design, and writing. I used to be a travel writer–once, what feels like long ago, I wrote for smallish, local and business magazines.

I’m a mom in Boston, MA and I love my family: My Irish husband…IMG01015-20110903-1728 Niall when we visited the Glendalough (those crazy Irish words, this one sounds like  /glen-da-lock/) last year. Does it get more Irish–or lovely–than this?

I adore my daughter, little miss M…680  in one of her more fashionable outfits a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve lived a bunch of different places, and love to travel. I’m vegetarian and locavore.

I read, read, read all the time that I’m not writing or cooking or being a wife/mom. Phew! How do I do all of this? Plus work! We all know about the balancing act. I hope that I can impart my take (taken from a mishmash of people far wiser than me) on how I find beauty and peace in the midst of this crazy modern world!

I am just starting but plan to have a few sections.

In my Book Review Section I am open to reading and reviewing advance books, so let me know if you want to send something my way. My genres are historical, science-fiction, literature, self-help, philosophy and religion, biography, arts, cooking, technology and popular science.

It looks like I’m writing mostly about Films as well.

The last section, for now, is Writing, which happens when I try to write about other things and end up writing about writing. Ironically, I get the most readers on this section.

Hopefully some sort of food and restaurant section will also come. That would happen when I actually go to new restaurants!

Hope you like my site. Cheers! bllu


One thought on “About the Bllu Room

  1. Ah, the Bllu Room has many rooms. Since you’ve been by my rooms at the Dad Poet, you know I can relate, everything from poetry to birding to fatherhood and more. I too have Irish connections, well Northern Irish, near Belfast in Bainbridge and Newtownards in particular. I hope to travel south to Dublin on my next visit though.

    I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.

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