We’ve Been In Lock-Down All Day

The Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect 2 has been Arrested.

My emotions are so mixed that I’m in a really weird state. But most of us are after this surreal day in our normally fairly peaceful city.

I never thought that I would experience a day like today, where Boston was kept closed and people asked to stay home from morning til tonight. Businesses, public transit, sports events and streets were cancelled and closed until the bombing suspect could be apprehended. Thousands of law enforcement officials spent the day scouring parts of Boston for the 19 year old suspect, after his brother, suspect 1, was killed last night. 

Thank you, Law Officers, for your efforts and the seriousness with which you took this situation. It could have ended so much worse, with more loss of life. I’m so glad that the man hunt is over. I’m so  relieved that this person was caught and caught alive for questioning.

The more I hear about him the more I am shocked by the choices he made to pretty much end his life. His life is over, his path is cut. Why? What a waste in so many ways.

On the bright side, Boston showed what a city can be like that is united, strong, and caring and generous. I’m usually glad that I live here and now I’m more glad.




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