I like this: Edible Boston


The Edible Magazines are part of the Edible Communities http://www.ediblecommunities.com. 

These magaziness are published all over the country and my local version is Edible Boston http://edibleboston.com. This publication is one of my favorites. It’s laid out beautifully, with great foodie photos, reams of locavore information, and local food people of every stripe. The focus is on local food, local producers and the local people who make them. Did you get that? In case you didn’t: local.

I find tons of new foods and new places to try here. This is one of those rare magazines where you like to read the ADS. They are a map of prettily wrapped foodie choices in a box. Yum!

The articles run the spectrum of healthy, consciously grown food. If you have any interest in food products that are good for you as well as good for the environment AND the community, this is the magazine for you.

Plus, the secret of healthy food is that, despite lore that it tastes like cardboard, real healthy food is almost always better tasting, juicier, creamier, spicier, moister, richer than industrial complex food. I dare you to try any of the recipes and foodie spots highlighted in Edible Boston–or your Edible version–and see if I’m right or wrong… tell me your outcome if you do take the dare. happy eating! mangia.. eet smaakelijk.




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